Friday, August 10, 2007

Glow, baby! Glow!

This is more of a product recommendation than a tip or trick (though if you don't tell anyone that you are using it, it could be considered tricking them).

Dear Pasty People of the World (or those who like a little summer tan),

If you have not already gone out and bought yourself a bottle of L'Oreal Sublime Glow tanning lotion, I highly recommend it! It gives you a natural looking tan that appears gradually as you use it. The lotion also has a beautiful golden shimmer that makes your skin luminous, on top of the tanning benefits. And for those of you with fair skin: you do not need to buy the "fair skin tones" bottle. Go medium if you want. It just gives you a slightly deeper tan (it doesn't get weird and orange-looking like some brands), and who doesn't want that ?

Once I was told that the only tan I could get was an Irish tan (which pretty much means that the sun brings out all of your freckles and there are so many of them that they start connecting and looking like a tan). Now, this fair-skinned, redheaded, freckled girl has a lovely shimmering tan without the skin cancer risk or the bathing suit trauma.

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