Saturday, February 26, 2011

Food Musings and Adventures of a Redhead - the renaming of the blog

I started this blog a few years ago. I realized I kept finding little shortcuts in life that I thought would be worth sharing. It became apparent quickly that I was not an endless supply of tips and tricks! I started thinking about those things in life that are constant, always evolving, and that I feel like I will always have something to say about. One of the ever-present things in my life (and all our lives) is food. Between the magazines, cookbook collection, websites, and other assorted food-related information, I am constantly reading, learning, cooking, and trying new recipes. Of all the things I talk about, food is at the top of the list.

After thinking this over (while a batch of rolls was rising in the kitchen with that smell of dough in the air), I made a decision: just turn this into a food blog. Gone is the Tips and Tricks title, replaced by Food Musings and Adventures of a Redhead. The old posts are still there (I still like those tips and some of them are food related!).

Full disclosure: I don't really write my own recipes. I tend to use recipes others have already come up with, sometimes following exactly, sometimes substituting. This will probably be the way this blog goes. If I ever use a recipe from somewhere else, I will make sure to provide the source and proper credit. I'll let you know what was good, bad, easy, or hard about a recipe and let you know of any ideas I might have about alterations (and if they failed miserably or not). I will do my best to include photos when I can. I will post about recipes- making them, finding them, my favorites, and other times I may just decide to talk about food - a specific food, where to buy food, buying responsibly (organic, local, etc.), among other food musings. And who knows...maybe a random tip now and again just to spice things up.

I hope you enjoy the musings and adventures.


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